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School Security Gates

Security at schools is essential to protect staff, visitors and pupils. Many schools offer an open door policy which can make it a target for unwanted visitors. For this reason, most school security manages access through a reception or car park. 

This security point is necessary to ensure visitors are vetted. For this security feature to work correctly, it needs to work in conjunction with the security gates and access control system.

75% of crime on school grounds is opportunistic. This means that it is important to prevent any unauthorised access to the premises whenever possible. Antisocial behaviour occurs whenever there are not significant security systems to prevent trespassing. This can include dog fouling, vandalism or disruption to students at work.

Based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire Harling Security Solutions Ltd offer security gate solutions for schools, colleges and universities.

Automatic Gates For Schools

Harling Security Solutions Ltd offer bespoke automated gates for schools. These offer bespoke security systems to keep students and staff safe from intruders and trespassers. 

Each school property is unique and the needs of each organisation are different. We will work closely with you to establish the perfect security solution for your school.

Pedestrian gates will require to be locked throughout the day. These additional gates will only require to be opened during arrival and departure times of the school day. Therefore any automated gates for schools need to be designed so that the opening mechanisms cannot be accessed when shut.

 All entrances will need to be locked at all times that the school is unoccupied.While the school premises is partially occupied various access may be required. The gate system will need to be able to allow access to various cleaners, security, community members or teaching staff.

Automatic Gates For Schools
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Automated School Gates in Hertfordshire

Harling Security Solutions Ltd design and install automated school gates in Essex and the surrounding area. Our bespoke gate design and installation will work with access control systems. This will ensure the highest level of security for the school. 

There are several important aspects to consider when installing automated security gates for schools. These include the times of day that require access, who is permitted to enter and the type of gate installed. Some important design considerations that we can manage include:

  • Gate design should match the surrounding fencing.
  • The locking features of a gate should not be useful as a climbing aid.
  • When a gate is closed it should not be possible to climb underneath.
  • Hinges should be locked in place. This is so that it is not possible to lift the gate from its hinges.
  • Cross sections of the gate should not be useful as climbing aid.

  • Automatic gates
  • Security fencing
  • Automatic barriers
  • Security gates
  • Access control systems
  • Turnstiles
  • Automatic Bi-folding gates
  • Automatic speed gates
  • Steel security doors

We also offer servicing and maintenance of automatic gates, barriers and doors.

Automatic Sliding Gate

Automatic Sliding Gate

Harling Security Solutions Ltd have many years experience designing and installing automatic sliding gates. 

We work with businesses and schools throughout Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. If you are considering installing automated electric gates, speak to our helpful team to discuss your requirements. 

Automatic sliding gate installation is preferred on many school properties. Sliding gates are available in steel, timber and aluminium. 

There are a wide range of styles and sizes available which means that we can match your gate design to your individual needs. 

Call 0845 177 0540 today for automatic security gates in Hoddesdon.

Car Park Barriers

Automated entrances offer a range of security benefits. These gates can also be installed alongside access control systems to ensure that you know exactly who is entering the property and when. 

Sliding gates are commonly used in places where a swing gate would not be appropriate. This may be because the ground is uneven or that there is limited space available to allow it to swing open. 

If you have limited space or have an entrance that requires a sliding gate, contact our installation team today. We can discuss your requirements and suggest the perfect security solution for your premises. 

School Gate Security System

When it comes to your school gate security system, we understand that safety is of the highest concern. Your security system will help you to put an end to uninvited people entering your grounds. It is also the most effective way to keep your staff and students free from the dangers of trespassers.

Our gate security system service offers manufacture and installation of gates and operating systems to suit your needs. We will discuss the design, installation and aftercare options. If you require ongoing maintenance, our experienced team offer on going care and repair of your electric gates.

If you are considering the installation of a school gate security system, contact Harling Security Solutions Ltd today. We offer installation and maintenance that comply to the latest health and safety requirements.

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Automatic Swing Gates

There are many occasions where automated swing gates offer the perfect solution. Heavy industrial gates can offer improved security while lighter styles can be used for domestic properties. Automated swing gates are secure and convenient. They can be remotely opened which offers safe locking or opening from a vehicle. 

Automated swing gates can be used alongside your bespoke operating system. This offers access to those who are permitted to enter and it will deny access to others. 

All our electric opening gates are checked and tested to the latest health and safety standards. The hydraulic operation is reliable and efficient.  Electric locking provides a secure entrance when the gates are not required to be used. There are various safety features which prevent the gate from causing injury to pedestrians or vehicles accessing the gate. This makes our automation systems safe and reliable at all times.

Automatic Swing Gates

Car Park Entrance Gate Design

Harling Security Solutions Ltd offer a range of car park barriers to allow complete security for your property. If you need to keep control of who is entering and exiting your premises, automated car park barriers make it easy to manage your entrance. 

We offer fully customisable car park barriers for businesses and schools throughout  Hertfordshire. You will be able to choose from a range of colours and designs. This includes the ability to add a logo or advertising onto the barrier arm. 

Manual barriers require a security staff member to allow access to the premises if they are permitted to enter. This makes it easy to control who can enter and exit the car park. Automatic barriers can work with access controls to allow people to enter who have been authorised to do so. These barriers are quick to respond and offer convenient access when required. 

We will discuss your requirements and design the perfect automatic barrier for your needs. Our barriers are fully customisable to keep your premises secure.

Electric Gate Controls Car Park Barriers

Electric Gate Controls

All entrances and school gates should also work alongside the fire alarm system. This offers a speedy escape route if there is a need for an emergency exit. These precautions can prevent access to angry parents, ex-students who wish to cause trouble or other trespassers. 

For the safety and security of the staff and pupils within the school, your gates and entrances need to be designed to the highest standards.

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