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Automatic Gates For Schools

Automatic electric gates and barriers are a popular option with schools. These are used to prevent parents using the staff parking lot to drop off and pick up students. Harling Security Solutions Ltd are the leading provider of automatic gates for schools in Hertfordshire.

The wide range of electronic access to control systems can enable you to take care of entry from the school office. We're delighted to recommend you on the most effective alternatives for you, based on our extensive experience. 

When called for, we can organise installations to coincide with school holidays. We're happy to collaborate with you to ensure there is minimal interruption while work's being finished.

blue metal school gate

Perimeter safety with access control is at the heart of any effective school safety programme so creating a secure and protected school setting needs considerable preparation. Crucial attributes should be designed right into the total perimeter safety and security design. 

There is no benefit to be derived from setting up an excellent security fencing and gates without further security. If your gate is at the front of the school ensure burglars cannot access the grounds using entry somewhere else on the site.

It is important that these security aspects are throughout the site.  These might impact the development of a secure physical front line protection. 

For instance, some pupils may get to the school using a footpath. It will then be very important to expand the safety and security to include this accessibility route. It may not be financially sensible to fencing the whole boundary.  

In this case, a risk analysis will highlight those locations that can be fenced to maximum effect. Talk to our experienced CCTV security team. Harling Security Solutions Ltd could supply a bespoke system safeguarding and monitor the outer and inner border of your site.