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Automatic Swing Gates

Reliable automation for swing gates has been notoriously tough to accomplish. Numerous variables can impact performance.  Crucially, the wind is among the most robust phenomena to handle. This can substantially minimise performance on automatic swing gates.

The common practice of placing automated drive systems across the back of a swing gate commonly results in system failures. 

This is important for protecting insecure facilities. A conventional swing gate drive system is incapable of coping with severe wind conditions experienced in the UK.

All secure fencing, gate and access control options must be carefully considered. This is to guarantee they are certified with the strict safety policies designed to reduce the danger of accidents. 

pair of green swing gates at primary school

In infant and junior schools, play areas need to be secure. It is important to search for RoSPA approved and BS EN 1176 certified gates. These have been evaluated for their ability to offer a risk-free fencing or gate options. These lower the danger of puncture injuries or the entrapment of limbs. 

Schools selecting these items will significantly lower the threat of public obligation claims. This is an all-important factor to consider in today's increasingly litigious culture.

Where a school requires enhanced degrees of identification, we recommend our bio-metric readers. These work through either hand or fingerprint acknowledgement of a child's carer or parent.

Schools have a basic demand to contain students in their care throughout school hours safely. They must keep them shielded from unwanted trespassers and any risk within the confines of the premises. After hours the school also has to have the ability to lock up securely. 

This is to discourage acts of vandalism, theft, camouflage as well as arson. Thieves across the nation have been targeting public structures, including schools, seeking valuable steel to scrap.