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Electric Sliding Gates For Schools

An automatic sliding gate is perfect if the ground where the gate is to be set up is irregular.  This includes areas that would not permit a swing gate to be fitted as the gate impacts the ground. Safety is our top priority when setting up automatic sliding gates.

The physical safety of a school site has to be interfaced with access control systems throughout the entire campus. Typically speaking most schools will call for access to reception from the parking area.  This is where all site visitors are vetted and their need to gain access. This will then need to be certified before being approved accessibility to the site. 

You could have barriers, gates, electric bollards and automatic electrical barriers.  This will help you make certain students in your care are risk-free. With our detailed range of entrance accessibility alternatives, you can control whom you permit on site, and when.

In the interest of safety and security, all access to controls has to work in combination with any emergency alarm. The complete system needs to ensure a fast emptying of the site when required.

automatic sliding gate at a primary school

A total "One Stop Solution" has seen us deliver a complete package. This consists of secure fencing, automatic vehicle and pedestrian gates and barriers. 

These are managed with numerous types of access control. This includes radio and distance tagging through to number plate acknowledgement systems. These link via an interface to school smart card vending systems. Staff working in nurseries and schools must make certain that youngsters are collected by carers and parents. 

We can provide access control systems to doors and gates. These will enable entry to authorised members of staff. These make use of keypads, distance fobs and bio-metric visitors. We can also advise on an audio and video intercoms for parents and guardians.

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