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School Entrance Gate Design

Harling Security Solutions Ltd is proud to have worked with a long list of schools, colleges and universities. These have worked with us for the design, installation and supply of various safety systems. We have managed all that is needed within the modern infrastructure of school life. We offer the leading school entrance gate design service in Hoddesdon and Hertfordshire.

We understand that security is extremely important when it comes to gates for schools. Are you're taking a look at gates for your school to help maintain your team and pupils safe? Or do you wish to end the problem of people going onto your premises uninvited?

Trespassers can walk onto your school grounds to play sports, walk dogs etc. We have the complete service for you. Our services consider all of your security from design through to installation and aftercare. After we discuss your needs, you can leave the hard work to us.

We're fully certified with the HSE regulations. These concern the safe installation and maintenance of electrically powered gates.

Safety and security in schools is an important subject. It is one which is never much from the conscience of the head of schools. It is also a concern of teachers, governing body and parents. These all have functions to play in the implementation of an efficient school safety method. 

Violations of safety can have devastating impacts. Whether you are a parent or staff member, the safety of any school needs to constantly stay high up on the agenda. Through campaigns and projects, funding may be available for schools to update border protection. Once you have decided to update your security, contact us to install your gate system. These need to be appropriate for the school/pupil relationship.

We offer complimentary on-site consultation and recommendation. Harling Security Solutions Ltd could provide a system that follows all HSE and Ofsted guidelines and demands.